Automatic Voter Registration

automatic voter registration

“Voter registration should be the mutual responsibility of citizens and their government.  The government should not only facilitate registration; it should actively register adults who are eligible to vote as part of its responsibility to have accurate rolls. 100% voter registration should be the goal.  Moreover, universal voter registration has the potential to bring together conservatives who are concerned about fraudulent voter registrations and liberals who are concerned about anemic political participation.”

7 Ways to Universal Voter Registration

  • Use existing government databases to automatically register all citizens to vote.
  • Create a fail safe policy to ensure voters left off the rolls can register and vote on Election Day.
  • Set a uniform voter registration age of 16-years-old to systematically register youth. Tie this policy with a national “voting curriculum” in every high school.
  • Require U.S. citizens to register to vote when completing taxes or actively opt-out of the process.
  • Tie Post Office Change of Address forms to the voter registration database
  • Require state or local governments to send every residence a notice of those registered at that location. Residents may then make changes as needed and return the updated form.


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