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There are 14 states that have changed their minimum-wage law since January 2014.  The effective minimum wage has increased in 26 states and D.C. since January 2014. 23 sub-state localities have adopted minimum wages above their state minimum wage.

There are 29 states and D.C. that have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage. The minimum wage is indexed for inflation in 15 states and D.C., meaning it is automatically adjusted each year for increases in prices. There are 7 states that have no minimum-wage law or a minimum wage below the federal minimum wage. The federal minimum wage applies in all of these states. Only D.C. has a minimum wage higher than $10.
Economic Policy Institute – Minimum Wage Tracker

Because of preemption of minimum wage in 2003. Cities in Texas are denied the ability to determine their own wages.

We believe there should be other means to helping poor and middle class families living in the city of Houston.


  • If Starbucks reallocated money from share repurchases to compensation, every worker could get a $7,000 raise.
  • If the money currently spent on buybacks, Lowe’s, CVS, and Home Depot could give each of their workers raises of at least $18,000 a year.


  • Make the republicans in the Texas legislature look ridiculous by tying the current minimum wage of $7.25 to inflation. This roughly comes out to a 5 cent raise every year
  • A $15 minimum wage would only cause a 4.3% increase at fast food restaurants
  • Prohibit city contractors from including poaching clauses
  • Create a ballot initiative to pass a $15 minimum wage for IAH and Hobby airports similar to a ballot initiative in Denver
  • Advocate for ending no-poach clauses in employee contracts which push wages downwards for fast food workers (similar to other states here, here and here)
  • Implement a $15 minimum wage for 8,000 city employees, city contractors and subcontractors
  • Advocate for youth under the age of 18 to have a $15 minimum wage


Texas Constitution
Code – Labor
Chapter – 62 Minimum Wage
Section – 62.0515 Application of Minimum Wage to Certain Government Entities; Certain Agreements with Governmental Entities

American Legislative Exchange Council – Living Wage Mandate Preemption Act

Analysis of Who Would Benefit from a Minimum Wage Increase in Harris County

Houston Chronicle – Alternatives to Raising Minimum Wage

Restaurants and grocery chains are leading the fight against a $6.50 minimum wage in Houston

EPI – 20 States Raise Their Minimum Wages While the Federal Minimum Continues to Erode

Wall Street Journal – Better Than Raising the Minimum Wage

Polling indicate that 55 percent of Texas voters support increasing $10 minimum wage

NELP Applauds Veto of Missouri Legislation Barring Local Action on Minimum Wage

S.F., Oakland Mayors Push for State Minimum Wage Increase

Santa Fe to raise minimum wage to $10.91 per hour

Lexington council agrees to consider ordinance to raise minimum wage to $10.10 an hour

Council Changes Timeline For Las Cruces Minimum Wage Increases

LA Times – Santa Monica votes to raise its minimum wage

Tiffin city council could apply minimum wage ordinance to adults only

Berkley – Cities and Counties with Minimum Wage Ordinances

City of Santa Monica Passes Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Ordinance

US News – The Latest Wage Hike: Birmingham, Alabama

CNN – Lexington to boost minimum wage to $10.10

University of Alabama announces it will raise minimum wage to $11 for its employees

Montana mayor considers minimum wage hike

Louisiana City enters second phase of minimum wage increase

Wall Street Journal – One Solution for the Federal Minimum Wage: Five Minimum Wages

Doing the Right Thing, the Right Way: A Regional Minimum Wage

City of Santa Clara – Minimum Wage Ordinance

Indiana University Health raises minimum wage to $11 an hour

U.S. Department of Labor – Minimum Wage Mythbusters

NELP – Arizona Governor Threatens Financial Retribution Against Cities That Raise Minimum Wage

Governor of Oregon Signs into law a 3 tiered minimum wage, first in the country

Wall Street Journal – Costco to Raise Its Minimum Wage, Workers will begin making at least $13 an hour this month

Albuquerque Journal – Albuquerque’s minimum wage increases on Jan. 1

North Liberty will allow wage increase to $9.15

Governor of Virgin Islands Signs Minimum Wage Increase Bill Into Law

City of Malibu readies itself to establish minimum wage ordinance

Arizona ballot measure eyes $12 minimum wage, paid sick leave

NBC Bay Area – Sunnyvale City Council Raises Minimum Wage

University of Washington – Early analysis of Seattle’s $15 wage law: Effect on prices minimal one year after implementation

Time – Why Restaurants and Stores Are Hiring More Full-Time Workers

Minneapolis $15-an-hour minimum wage petition has enough signatures for November ballot

San Mateo seeks $15 by 2019: City Council unanimously approves minimum wage increase

Mercury News – San Leandro increases minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020

NPR – Minnesota’s minimum wage increases to $9.50 an hour

NPR – Study: Minneapolis wage hike would help at least 47k low-paid workers

Seacoast Bank increases its minimum wage as ‘right thing to do’

Cleveland Business – Part-time workers’ rights amendment headed for Cleveland ballot in November

Des Moines Register – Polk County minimum wage hike approved; teens exempted

Des Moines Register – Wapello County board votes to raise minimum wage

Des Moines Register – Iowa’s next minimum wage hike isn’t where you’d expect

Bill Moyers – The Minimum Wage Doesn’t Apply to Everyone

The Gazette – Linn County minimum wage could include future increases based on Consumer Price Index

Salt Lake Tribune – Utah voters show mixed support for raising minimum wage

The Stranger – New Study: “No Compelling Evidence” That Increased Minimum Wage Has Led to Seattle Businesses Shutting Down

The Stranger – University of Washington Report on Minimum Wage Shows “Little or No Evidence” of Price Increases in Seattle

Tentative deal for 30,000 state workers includes raises, $12 minimum wage

USA Today – Arizona’s minimum wage likely to jump 10 cents in 2017

Community Impact – The Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce joins lawsuit challenging new overtime law

Ohio minimum wage increasing 5 cents, to $8.15, in 2017

Bloomberg – Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation

Miami Herald – Bucking party, 2 Republicans back minimum wage increase

Milwaukee County Board votes to approve $15 hour minimum wage

Philly Voice – Prevailing wage law expanded to include service workers in Philadelphia

Buzz Feed – Airport Workers Win First $15 Hourly Wage And Union

Curbing Stock Buybacks: A Crucial Step to Raising Worker Pay and Reducing Inequality

Bexar County commissioners approve budget, $15 living wage for county employees

Proposed labor watchdog would give city’s worker protection laws some teeth

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